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"EMOTIONS" EP & Music Video Releases on Feb.14.2021 ♥️

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

This one is huge.

I have never put more effort into any piece of art…EMOTIONS EP + Music Video...truly is the culmination of my artistic audio-visual efforts to date.

After receiving very encouraging feedback from listeners worldwide (plus breaking personal global Shazams records) for my signature track "emotion" from May 2020, I decided to completely rework and remaster this piece to reach its full potential:

"emotion [remastered]": A track that is hard to describe but very easy to listen to.

It takes its listeners onto a rolleracoaster of sensations and emotions. While both beginning and endling are monumental and consist of very powerfully struck piano chords and bass progessions, the middle part is a mix of dreamy, melancholic, meditative as well as eerie elements.


The same applies to the emotion [remastered] 4K Ultra HD Official Music Video, which is my most cinematic creation so far. My goal was to create a mesmerizing and lasting audio-visual piece of art.

Moreover, the Emotions EP comes with the following enchanted variations/versions:

  • emotion (random offset): Changing octaves of some of the notes with sunning results.

  • emotion (wrapped chords): Wrapping pieces into chords does magic to the whole.

  • emotion (inverted): The inverted version really delivers a whole new piece of art.

piano soul ...frees your mind and fills your soul... 🪄🎹 🎞️💙

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nice n its beautiful <3

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