Who is piano soul, and why this website?

My name is Bastian Maier aka piano soul. I have always been very passionate about music. Soon after taking my first piano lessons at the age of nine, I began improvising on random melodies that came into my mind. Ever since, the black and white keys have been an endless space for exploration. I would play non-stop for hours, often in the dark or with my eyes closed. This way, numerous piano pieces had come into being. Unfortunately, many of them were lost as I didn't do any recordings at the time. However, I still possess a limited number of past cassette tapes with some of my earliest songs, which I composed on the old piano of my childhood.


In my early twenties, suddenly lyrics and singing became an important part my musical expression, and I found my passion shift more towards singer-songwriting than purely instrumental composition. Over the years, I have been busking on the streets, performed in living rooms, on stage, and also did some professional recordings.


More recently, my piano compositions have proven to be especially powerful when used as a musical backdrop in videos about visual arts. This is exemplified in a fabulous artist friend's YouTubeChannel ("Julia Knoll Art"):


I consider music to be one of the most unique expressions of the timeless human soul. As such, music always aims to captivate the heart and soul of its listeners. If I succeed in channeling even a small percentage of the intensity and passion I feel while creating mine, it would mean the world to me.


My main goals for creating this website:

  1. To share my music with a worldwide audience.

  2. To get in touch with like-minded people and other musicians.

  3. To have a general exchange of ideas.


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